Mosaic Zen...

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New Collection - Mosaic Zen

3.5 Inch Pocket Mirror

Round Sliver Rim Drink Coasters - Set of 4
*** Coasters also available without silver rim ***

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More albums soon to come!


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High Style Gold Rim - 3.5" Drink Coasters

Vignette Silhouette - 3.5" Drink Coasters

Aubergine Flower - 3.5" Drink Coasters
These lovely decorative coasters were added to the shop this afternoon.
Enjoy viewing!

Paging Through...

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There are a number of illustrators who's work I follow, but I must admit Mattias Adolfsson's my favorite.

Space Coast
I first encountered his work in An Illustrated Life by Danny Gregory and I recently ordered this.

The lord commanders breakfast
But for me his work is all about the details and the humor - there is always something new to find when you revisit a sketch.

Rococo Borg vs The Association of Modernist Architects
See for yourself in this video of his #18 Moleskine sketchbook

Nature's Fury...

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I came across artist Kobo Sin's work while viewing Apartment Therapy's blog. Her pieces are very thought provoking and quite beautiful at the same time.

"The aim of this project (Freakshow) is to confront and shock people by turning unwanted and unused parts of nature into provocative products and pulling nature back into people's minds." - Kobo Sin

Her GMO and Or pieces have my attention.