A Fairies Tale...

Posted by Paper Trail Studio on 9/30/2009 09:21:00 PM

Every so often I go through a fairy phase. It all began when I received a copy Brian Froud's World of Faeries.

Usually this phase involves me drawing something then creating a collage, but this time I bought one.

Yup that's the one I chose out of...many! The fact that she's holding an open book and her wings are so pretty was all the enabling I need to bring her home.

She isn’t a limited edition type figurine, there’s no date or artist stamp on her base, just a made in China sticker…good enough! She is sculpted proportionally in her pose, the wings are metal and over all well made for a mass market figurine.

Presently she's perched comfortably on the shelf above my desk, so she’s the first thing I see when I look up. Now if only I could find a real one; preferably one who likes to clean!


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