Pearlesent Experiment...

Posted by Paper Trail Studio on 12/20/2010 07:37:00 PM

I wasn’t happy with the shade of pink acrylic paint I mixed for this custom monogram, luckily it’s for someone I know, so I decided to experiment a bit. I pulled out these pearlescent watercolors, applied a thin layered wash over the flat base colour and was pleasantly surprised with the end result!

It blended nicely over my base coat of pink acrylic paint, I now have nice iridescent highlight that I hope will stand out even more once I apply my sealant.

Niji Pearlescent watercolor cake paint set

For the record I have no affiliation with the manufacture of this product, I did a post about these paints here when I found them at my local art supplies shop. I know there are other brands of shimmer paints on the market but these are really inexpensive, works exceptionally well and I think would make a great last minute stocking stuff.


Comment by Stephanie Joanna on December 20, 2010 at 10:39 PM

oooohhhh pretty! I love the pink and gold. :)


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